What is Net Zero Ready?

A home built to the same standards as Net Zero but without the installation of renewables. Each Net Zero Ready home comes prepared for the installation of these renewable technologies. These homes are more efficient, focus on renewable energy generation, enhance indoor air quality, reduce environmental impact and improve affordability. When your home is Net Zero Ready you can save an average of 66% of home's energy costs!

The Benefits of Net Zero Ready Homes

  • Save Money

    Net zero ready homes are designed to typically consume two-thirds less energy than a building code compliant home.

  • Healthier

    Control and removal of air-born toxins through a Heat Recovery Ventilator or “lung”

  • Quieter

    Tightly sealed house envelope for increased sound suppression and removal of cold leaky drafts

More and more people are experiencing persistent coughs, allergies, asthma and other health related issues all directly affected by Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

You may be asking yourself, what can I do about it? The solution is to create a healthy home from the inside out.

Have a Healthier, Happier Home.

At Sightlines we take IAQ very seriously as people spend 90% of their time indoors. IAQ is a building science term that is mostly unaddressed by builders. At Sightlines, our homes are pre-planned for better IAQ before we even dig a foundation. We cannot completely control the materials we put inside a home but we can control the vapors and fumes emitted from these materials in a productive and efficient manor by ejecting them from the home through state-of-the-art ventilation designed to let the home breath. All this works naturally in the background with no input needed from the home owner.

All of our homes are Net Zero Ready Certified and 3rd party tested. That is our standard.

All owners of Net Zero homes will receive a home energy profile report comparing Energy Star, Net Zero Ready, R2000 and Ontario Building Code.

Reduce Your Environmental Footprint and Increase Your Home Health

  • More efficient than R2000 homes
  • Designed with the potential to produce as much energy as it uses
  • Highly insulated walls, floors and ceilings
  • Sealed and air-tight building envelope
  • Heat recovery water drain systems
  • “Plug and play” solar photo-voltaic roof systems (panels not included)
  • Dual fuel heating and cooling system utilizing air-source heat pumps and natural gas furnaces
  • Triple pane windows
  • Mechanical ventilation and controlled humidity
  • LED light fixtures
  • Energy Star appliances
  • Basement floors that are comfortable to walk on, exterior walls that are warm to the touch and air that is clearer and less stuffy
  • Each home is tested, inspected and qualified by an independent professional energy auditor
  • Each home is qualified and recognized under the CHBA Net Zero home program

What is Net Zero?

  A home using zero net energy consumption, meaning the amount of energy used is roughly equal to the amount of renewable energy created on an annual basis through renewable sources like solar panels. The average homeowner spends approximately $196.50*/month on electricity and heating. Going full Net Zero eliminates these costs. By purchasing solar panels the average household in Canada would save $54.24 every month.

It pays to upgrade

To use a Net Zero Ready home to its full potential you will need to consider the next steps towards zero energy consumption.

The cost of solar panels might seem like a large investment but we’ve crunched the numbers to show how investing in renewable resources could save you money, offsetting the initial cost.

Currently, up to 40% of heating bills are attributed to air leakage on a code built home. Through better building practices our homes can reduce those heating loads to less than 5%

When your home starts generating energy through your renewable sources you will notice a large decrease in your monthly energy bills.


Month to Month, a Net Zero home built by Sightlines costs you nothing and makes you money

Net Zero By The Numbers

Go full Net Zero and save up to 100%* of energy costs (with solar panels)

Hydro in Ontario has gone up an average of 59% in the last 10 years. Investing in a Net Zero home is your best protection against future hydro increases. When you add solar panels to your new home you can include the cost in your mortgage, coupled with saving time having to arrange installation after you take occupancy of your new home.


Estimated Cost for Solar Panels $30,000
Amortization Period 25 years
Effective Annual Rate 3.0%
Monthly Payment $142.00

* Average estimated savings. Speak with your builder on the eligibility of your home for solar panels.

**Based on Annual Average Ontario household electricity & heating costs of $2,358. Does not include surcharges for delivery, distribution or other service fees.